Out of Limbo Update 08 July (Week One)

It has been six days since I resolved to perform a list of tasks in “Climbing out of Limbo.” I promised weekly updates, and weekly updates I will deliver.

I did not manage to do every item on the list every day, but I did manage to do most things most days. Here’s the tally (If you skip to the bottom, there is a summary):

I worked out every day.

I only posted one blog post last week (goal:  twice). X

I did work on my business website twice.

I only practiced French once (goal:  twice). X

I practiced German four times (goal:  three). √√

I didn’t do any fiction writing (goal:  500 words a day). X

I did read 3o minutes of a personal development book every day.

I did read 30 minutes of a novel every day (I finished two, and started Martin’s Dance with Dragons).

I did read 30 minutes of a novel every day except Friday and Saturday. X

I only listened to an average of two educational podcasts/CDs a day (goal:  four). X

Summary:  I only fully completed half of the tasks I gave myself; I halfway completed the rest. While this does mean that I need to work harder next week, I think that managing three-fourths of such a long list my first week is acceptable.

Something that will greatly help me is getting up early in the morning. I was getting up at seven to work out, which was helping quite a bit. Then my dad decided that he wanted to start getting into shape. Instead of doing my workout, though (which focus on muscle-building and flexibility), he wants to start running (to lose weight). The temperature has been over one hundred degrees Fahrenheit for the past few weeks, making running during the day a bad idea. So yesterday and today, we were out the door by 6:00. Ante Meridian. Which means I got up before 6:00. I am not a morning person, so waking up this early does not come naturally to me. It does, however, have the effect of making me more productive during the day, for several reasons. Getting up earlier gives me more time to get things done, and the exercise gets my blood and adrenaline flowing.

I am also working on eating better. I started yesterday and did really well. Then today happened. Today involved an affair with three blackberry turnovers, a super-sweet tea, and Chinese takeout. I’m back on the wagon tomorrow, though. Getting up and around that early and working out has sped up my metabolism, making my hungry all the time. If I’m going to be eating four to five meals a day again, I’m going to be eating right. For the next week, I am trying a clean diet, which means I’m avoiding processed foods:  no refined sugar, no white flour, nothing not found in nature. My diet will consist of fruits, nuts and grains, and meats. I will drink water (my goal is 1.5 liters a day), coffee (I’m learning to drink it black), and tea.

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