Panic Makes You Stronger

For whatever reason, nervous breakdowns make me more productive. I am stressed to the breaking point and realize that there is no way for me to accomplish everything that needs to be done. I have a short lapse that usually involves tears and babbling. Then, it happens. I enter superhero mode. My superpower: efficiency. Once I’ve had my breakdown, I enter the top 10% of the most productive people in the universe. I am calm and collected, and I finish my to-do list in record time—that same to-do list that hours ago I had been sure could never be completed. I’ve been told that when I go into ‘business mode’ my attitude says, “I am Amanda, and you would hear me roar, if I did roar. I don’t.”

This week I had a breakdown. You would think that since I’m only taking thirteen hours this semester, my life would be easy. That assumption is false, primarily because one of those hours is Senior Symposium, also known as “Show us everything you’ve learned from your years at our university in one paper and a fifteen-minute presentation.” I am also president of Souvenirs (Poetry Club) and the Society of Near Eastern Archaeology, the vice-president of Scribblers (Creative Writing Club), and a member of the French Club. I believe that I am in college to learn, and most of the time I learn more from my extra-curricular activities than from my classes, at least when it comes to real-world skills. So I try to cram as many things into my life as I can in order to learn and gain experience. I’ve been juggling quite well, but Tuesday, life got the best of me. There were so many projects and responsibilities that I spent the afternoon and much of the evening frantically trying to figure out how to get everything done by the end of the week. Tuesday night, I broke down. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Wednesday, however, I transformed from Billy to Dr. Horrible. I used the powers of time-management and hard work to destroy the status-quo of overwhelming tasks. I fulfilled all of my responsibilities. I even started doing research for a tentative career path. It was awesome.

Does anyone else become more productive after a short overload breakdown? What do you do when you are stressed?


One thought on “Panic Makes You Stronger

  1. Wow. When I am stressed I cry as well…but following that I just eat junk food and read something completely irresponsible. I wish I reacted like you.

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